Minimalism is one of the most practiced designs in the world of fashion now – a – days. Not only minimalistic looks help you to exude that confident look but are also versatile. When it comes to prescription glasses, you can enjoy that look by using rimless glasses. Rimless glasses, as the name suggests, have no rim. Instead, the lenses are joined by the nose bridge and a pair of arms is joined to the lenses on the other end.

Rimless glasses have gained prominence because they are the lightest eyewear and are also timeless. In case you purchase a full rimmed or semi rimmed pair, you will witness that these glasses can offer you the latest in fashion. But as fashion goes, trends keep on changing. So to keep yourself updated to the latest fashion, you will need to buy a pair of prescription glasses every season. This issue can be solved by rimless glasses. As the arms are the only visible part of the glasses, they don’t need to be updated. Thus, you can wear your pair of rimless glasses to your office and even to the weekend party. This eclecticism of the rimless glasses has made them a favourite among many users.

Rimless glasses, nevertheless, suffer from drawbacks. The lack of rim effectively means that the lenses are less protected. A slight fall or pressure can make the pair of prescription glasses misaligned and uncomfortable to wear. And secondly, rimless glasses are generally more expensive than the full rimmed and semi rimmed glasses. But considering the advantages rimless glasses have over the other types, most users don’t pay much attention to the price tags. Lately, rimless glasses are also available with titanium arms. Lighter than the plastic arms and more durable than the metal arms, titanium rimless glasses have the uncanny ability of offering you the best of durability and comfort.

Before purchasing a pair of rimless glasses, one must get an updated prescription from an optician and should also gather a good idea of one’s face structure and in which category it falls into – round, oval, oblong, square, triangle and diamond. Depending on your face type, you need to select the style of lenses, so that your best features are accentuated and your drawbacks, if any, get balanced. Currently, the best place to look for cheap rimless glasses is online. The online stores have an exhaustive collection of rimless glasses which cover every design and colour imaginable.

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