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Tommy Hilfiger TH 1596 4IN

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Semi Rimmed Frames

If you are someone who loathes hiding behind thick full rimmed acetate frames, then rimless and semi rimmed eyeglasses are perfect for you. Throwback brow line or half rimmed glasses have particularly made a grand comeback from the 1940’s. Drawing inspiration from the retro version of semi rimmed glasses, this unique style is sure to give you a modern look. Wear semi rimmed glasses to look interesting, confident, bold, smart and edgy!

Semi rimmed spectacles are top heavy glasses where the lenses are supported by a half frame. The lenses are encapsulated in a frame only on the top while the bottom half is left exposed. Semi rimmed eyeglasses can give a very distinctive look. They are simple yet stylish and can look sleek, sophisticated and classy. Celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Matt Damon and Nicole Kidman have been papped wearing semi rimmed glasses. Bill Gates, business magnate and co-founder of Microsoft has also been spotted wearing these popular frames on many occasions.

Benefits of Semi rimmed Frames

  • They are extremely light-weight frames. Unlike full rimmed spectacles, semi rimmed frames do not put burden on your nose

  • Also, they are not as fragile as rimless frames

  • Wearing semi rimmed glasses can be extremely comfortable and they can serve as your ‘everyday practical pair’ for long wear use

  • Titanium glasses with a half frame can be the perfect pair for people who are allergic to other metals and need a lightweight option.

Perfect Glasses offers stylish selection of semi rimmed frames from brands like Soul, Sak, Safilo, English Trend, Boss Orange, Otter, Benetton, English Stripe, Chariot, English Young, Zeal, Guidance, Guess, English Oak, Marc Jacobs, etc. We also offer a wide range of semi rimmed reading glasses in UK.

So if you love a minimalistic look, go ahead and buy brilliant-looking semi rimmed eyeglasses at lowest prices in UK. These eyeglasses are sure to add definition to your face and make you look fabulous. So what's keeping you waiting, grab the perfect pair of semi rimmed glasses online today!