How to Measure yourself for PD?

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February 06, 2019
Published By Skye Spencer

What is PD and How to Measure yourself at Home?

What is PD?

Pupillary distance measures the distance between the pupil of one eye to the other. In reference to frames or glasses, it is measured from the centre of the prescription lenses to the other, to ensure the prescription glasses correct your vision right and the size is perfect for you.

What you Need?

It's actually pretty simple! All you need is a foot ruler, the mirror and little bit of focus!

Prescription glasses measurements online

How to Measure yourself for PD?

Stand in front of your mirror at one hands distance, then hold a ruler against your brow. Hold 0mm of the ruler at the centre of your left pupil and close your right eye, to focus. Now close your left eye and open the right. The measurement in mm that is at the centre of your right eye is your PD!

measuring your PD


An average adult PD is between 52mm to 74mm, so make sure you get that right!


Measure your PD 2-3 times to make sure you record it correctly

Make sure you use a millimeter ruler as PD is measure in mm

Why must you Measure PD?

The prescription that you have got from your optometrist may have the PD mentioned but if it doesn't you can always use our easy guide! Pupillary Distance helps you in determining the optical centre for the prescription lenses, the more accurate your measurements are the better the glasses will help you see!

Is Measuring Your PD Important?

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