3 things you must know about your Prescription Glasses!

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March 01, 2018
Published By Skye Spencer

You have just visited your optometrist and got yourself brand new spectacles online. They have arrived home and you can't wait to wear them.

You have selected the latest designer spectacle frames in acetate, rectangle glasses; you knew they were perfect when you saw them!

You have heard that not wearing your prescription will cause more strain on the eye, hence you wear your new found love immediately!

You decide to switch on the telly and catch your favourite evening show, now more clearer than before!

Before those prescription glasses become your inseparable companions here are 3 things you ought to know about your them :-


1) They take their Time:

If you are a first time prescription glass wearer, it might take from two days to even upto one week for your eyes to get adjusted to the new corrected vision.

Since we see with our brain and not our eyes you might not get the sharp clear vision immediately.

The duration can increase upto two weeks if you go from a bigger frame to a smaller frame or you change from contacts to glasses.

If you are still facing eye-strain or discomfort over two weeks, you must visit your optometrist and check your prescription.

Tip: Avoid wearing your old prescription while adjusting to your new glasses, this may delay the getting accustomed to.

2) They need their Glasses:

There are two types of lenses- single vision and progressive lenses.

Single vision are for correcting nearsighted or farsighted problems and progressive lenses used to correct a specific eye concern to aging and use two or more focal points in one lens.

Bifocals have two lenses and multifocals provide three which means there is no more switching between different glasses.

There are lenses that you can incorporate can improve the performance of your spectacles.

Anti-Glare, Anti- Reflection and UV Protection can be the coating used on the top of your lenses for protection and comfort to your eyes.

Tip: Anti-Glare coating assists in providing comfort while working on the computer


3) They need a Change:

Every prescription glass has a shelf life. They are battling various weathers and conditions to protect your eyes constantly.

In this they might get scratched, foggy or be facing common wear and tear over time. Sometimes the hinges get loose and the frame loses uniformity due to regular use.

Make sure you are watching your glasses for any of these signs to replace them in time. You can also choose to reglaze your glasses if you love your designer frame with us at perfectglasses.co.uk

Tip: Check your prescription every two years

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