Know your Glassitude: Does your Attitude match your Sunglasses?

designer eyeglasses frame
March 09, 2018
Published By Skye Spencer

The right pair of Sunnies can get you an immediate sense of cool. That perfect pair which compliments you personality and features.

You have read so much about the face types and frames that may suit you the best and tried out several frames at your optician..

While you contemplate between the various styles and designs to pick from to make your beloved, you wonder which kind of frame amongst rimless, rimmed and full rimmed should you make your inseparable companion.

With designers creating and cultivating new designs that reflect retro sensibility with a modern touch we have more shapes and textures to experiment with.

When you are yet deciding which pair or prescription sunglasses to own and are rummaging through the pages to shop cheap glasses online, we at have made a list of our best-sellers to help you make a choice easier!

Our wardrobe reflects our attitude, why shouldn't our optical wardrobe as well?

You can be shy or outgoing, fierce or mellow, even outdoor or introvert- what would you be defined by?

1) Fun:

You are laughter, light and experimental in all sense, your go from funny to quirky in a go!These Carrera sunglasses have a two way style in Acetate and Metal to surprise you in various moods!

2) Geek

You love your books more than experimenting with shapes and styles of sunglasses! These Rounded Rectangle classic style suits any face type and the black makes it the never go wrong pair.

3) Introvert:

You are shy but let your fashion do the talking, your wardrobe reflects all your unsaid emotions and dreams.These Gucci sunglasses are sleek and make a subtle statement. They perfectly hide your eyes while you strut silently in vogue.

4) Sporty:

You are a traveller and an outdoor person who loves adventure. You are always on the go and love your share of thrill. These broad Aviators give you the perfect look with optimum protection for your eyes in any weather.

5) Diva:

You are a celebrity in your head and a fashionista in true sense. You love styling yourself in the latest trends with a feline sense. This pair has embellished diamonds for your royal attitude and a cat-eye tortoise-shell to add the feminine twist.

6) Drama Queen:

You shuttle between your mood swings and this two tone sunglasses suits your varied tantrums. You go from soft to shrieky to elegant to chic in one go!

7) Workaholic:

You are too busy to look past the classic Aviator style that is no fuss, is an all time favourite and a style that will compliment your lifestyle. They offer maximum eye coverage and you can style them at any occasion.

8) Shopaholic:

You are an ardent fashion follower and have the latest trends in your eyewear collection. You experiment with different designs and need to be identified by your shopping sense. These geometrical sunglasses are easy to carry and have a creative reflection of your personality

9) Cute:

You have an infectious attitude and a coy fashion sense. This Hugo pair with floral arms is sweet in make and friendly in nature with its translucent frame.

10) Sophisticated:

You are particular about everything and need labels to magnify class and grandeur.These brow bar embellished Jimmy Choos are streamlines, classy and elegant in perfect combination for your eyes!

11) Wacky:

You are crazy, over the top and out of the box! Your fashion must scream your style and you are confident at that! These lighting shaped arms on Fendi’s cat-eye in acetate with silver tips are unique yet chic.

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