Your Dog and Your Glasses!

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March 15, 2018
Published By Skye Spencer

Its believed that your likes and choices reflect your personality. The kind of clothes you wear, the shoes you pick, the food you eat even the eyewear you choose!

Not just your wardrobe but even the kind people you have as peers strongly curate your personality!

What does not come as a surprise is that the breed of dogs you own can also tell what kind of person you are!

It's the Siamese twins theory, that we know of and have definitely seen the famous dogs and their owners pictures showcasing stark similarities!

We at Perfect Glasses have made a list of dog personalities that you must refer to get prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses that will compliment your persona the best!

Breed: Great Dane

Traits: Great Dane depicts strength and stability, his personality is bold and makes heads turn.

Style: Bold
Frames: Oval

Your Persona: You are sturdy in decision making, are firm in your concepts and can overcome hurdles easily. Your choice of the dog denotes your commitment to grandeur. While you are rock solid on outside you are a marshmallow inside, full of love and care- hidden away!

Why? Oval shape is sleek, pulls away attention outwards, is perfect to showcase streamlined nature.

Breed: Alaskan Husky

Traits: Husky is sharp, friendly and intelligent. He depicts an outdoor nature.

Style: Sporty
Frames: Wide Aviators, Goggles

Your Persona: You have sharp sense of wit, you love travelling, fishing and star gazing. Dreamy in nature yet rugged in persona.

Why? Glasses providing full coverage, wide for clearer vision supports your adventurous personality

Breed: Pug

Traits: Pug is shy and subtle, but his small stature commands great attention

Style: Minimalistic
Frames: Classic Aviators

Your Persona: You are moody and can be an introvert at will. You are selective about choosing your friends and can go overboard with gestures for people you love.

Why? Glasses that are classic, retro inspired with a modern touch compliment your changing moods and wardrobe. They make the never go wrong style.

Breed: Pitbull

Traits: Pitbull is short tempered, rash yet emotional. His sharp featured compensate for his stout body.

Style: Aggressive
Frames: Round

Your Persona: You can be aggressive with approach, reticent in getting too involved in relationships. You are cautious and often thought to be reserved.

Why? The round frames chisel your features, are soft edged and add elegance.

Breed: Poodle

Traits: Poodle is feminine, soft and charismatic in nature. She struts in pride.

Style: Chic
Frames: Cat-Eye

Your Persona: You are an ardent fashion follower. You have all the recent trends in your wardrobe. You love dressing up and have a sophisticated sense of style.

Why? Cat-eye expresses individuality in its upswept angles. It is creative, elegant and fashionable to done.

Breed: Golden Retriever

Traits: Retrievers are friendly, outgoing and can blend along easily

Style: Fun
Frames: Square

Your Persona: You are an extrovert and love flaunting your style. You can make friends easy and love to socialize. You are family oriented.

Why? The classic square is simple, easy to style and comes in various textures. The wide rectangle is sleek and versatile to match.


Breed: Cat

Traits: I’m sexy and I Know it

Style: Any style suits me!Duh!
Frames: Brow Bar right now!

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