Are glasses old fashioned? Or just timeless?

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December 22, 2017
Published By Skye Spencer

Well, they’ve probably been around since 1290 and they can claim Italy as their birthplace. A country, which incidentally is known for style and for being at the forefront of fashion. Pisa itself was the city of origin of the actual first eyeglasses which were crafted as the 13th Century came to a close. Prior to that gemstones, such as emeralds of quartz were used to help vision. Now that would be old fashioned.

Glasses are certainly old, in the sense that they have been around a very long time. But… old in the sense of old fashioned? We don’t think so! Think of the wine press, it is older than eyeglasses, by about 100 years, and we at Perfectglasses have never heard of anyone who thinks wine is past it’s sell by date! We prefer to believe that eyeglasses have stood the test of time, like wine, improving, maturing and developing as each generation brings its own influence to bear. Timeless rather than old-time and balancing the need to keep with tradition as well as to stay in touch with current trends.

Our team at Perfectglasses ensures that there is a perfect balance of traditional and up to the minute designs to frame your prescription lens which will display your eyes and face in the best possible light to suit your taste. Not only do we make sure you have a massive range of designs, colours, frames, and patterns, including contemporary, retro, vintage and traditional styles, we also make sure you will find cheap glasses, if not the cheapest glasses, online.