Are you sure you know your Readers?

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September 21, 2018
Published By Skye Spencer

Know about your Reading Glasses!

Presbyopia, the scientific name for a vision concern that causes difficulty in seeing things as close as your arms length. Known widely as reading concern, it affects people over the age of 40 due to the muscle tenacity loss in the eyeball, thus hardening the eye movement.

Most often, people notice they suffer from presbyopia when they can't read the newspaper, restaurant menu, or even see hazy pictures in the phone. Some complain of a recurrent headache when they start reading, while some experience eye pain when trying to sew, read or do other close work.

Some however face vision concerns in low light or dim lighting making the room seem never well lit enough. Only a comprehensive eye exam can detail out your reading prescription and identify your vision concerns early on.

The most common way to treat presbyopia is to get reading glasses. But, what if you also suffer from hypermetropia or myopia?

Firstly, short and long sightedness are different to presbyopia. And, people who have sight concerns early on are likely to suffer from both over the age of 40.

While myopia and hypermetropia affect the shape of your eyeball, presbyopia affects the flexibility of your eyeball. Your retina needs to focus at different light points to project the right image on the optic nerve.

The right pair of prescription glasses can help you correct all your vision concerns. Gone are the days, when you had to carry two pairs of glasses to correct vision. Now, just one pair can solve the purpose of both.

Prescription Glasses Online

Bifocals, an ancient invention has prescription lenses that have a dividing line between the bottom- magnifying lenses and the top near or far sightedness lenses.

Multifocals and Varifocals, also known as Progressive lenses are seamless, without any clear dividing line between the magnifying and sightedness lenses- so adjusting your neck can serve the two purposes your eyes need correcting.

PerfectGlasses lets you buy prescription glasses online by customizing the prescription lenses to your personal preference. That means, not just getting your prescription in them but also choosing the type of lenses with any additional coating that treats your eyes right.

The digital blue coat protects your eyes against digital strain. The anti-glare coat protects your eyes from the harsh sunlight, even if you don't own a pair of prescription sunglasses yet!

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