Digital Blue Coat Lenses: A Better Way To Deal With The Blues.

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February 06, 2018
Published By Skye Spencer

It's not for nothing that we are told never to look directly into the sun. When the last eclipse of the sun occurred, you may recall that we were all advised to look away at the most spectacular part, the most brilliant dazzling light unleashed onto our faces seconds after the darkness engulfs as the moon passes in front of the sun. Some experience temporary blindness and some remain blind because of the damage to the eye from the sun's invisible ultraviolet strength. Those of us who looked at the eclipse through a bucket of water, were cleverly using a primitive form of the digital blue coat lens!

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We, at Perfectglasses, now know more about light and what it is comprised of, and what it does to the eyes, without glasses with blue coat lens or sunglasses. Blue light is also known as blue violet light and sits next to the ultraviolet range of light's spectrum, and exposure to this light can harm the eye just as much as ultraviolet.

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Our technology driven lives now include many items which incorporate the blue light elements. Computers, TVs, smartphones, e-readers, tablets, anything with a screen, and energy saving light bulbs, all have higher levels of blue light than equipment in our previous low tech lives. These are constant irritants particularly as our use of them is intense. Wearing digital blue coat lenses will help if you wear glasses since damage to all parts of the eye is possible.

If you are buying glasses online with Perfectglasses, and you are looking to reduce damage to the eye, then as well as choosing from a huge range of stylish and smart frames, consider our digital blue coat lenses as well. Keep your eyes safe.