Myopia Myths Debunked

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July 12, 2018
Published By Skye Spencer

Myopia is one of the most common causes for prescription glasses. Many glasses wearers do not feel the need to be aware of their eye condition. But, as it is said, half knowledge can be dangerous, knowing about your eye condition will only give you some useful insights. On one hand where there are facts that enlighten us about myopia, on the other there are myths that complicate our understanding on the same. As many as there are people who suffer from myopia, there also are people who follow misleading information that can harm themselves.The next time you but prescription glasses, we want you to be a well informed glasses wearer. The most common myths or misleading information surrounding myopic is:


Myopia is nothing but nearsightedness. People suffering from myopia have difficulty seeing far away object. Reading glasses have nothing to do with this kind of sightedness. Myopia does not affect simple activities like reading and sewing and in any case they do not prevent our eyes from myopia.


Research conducted around this topic suggest that this is not true in case of all the patients. In some patients the use of contact lenses does slow down the progression of myopia but it broadly depends on the difference in focus between the center of the retina and the periphery of the retina.


Generally it is said that childhood myopia goes away as we grow older. Clearly, it is a myth. Myopia can develop in childhood but it can also occur in adulthood.


Wearing glasses does not worsen your myopia. Instead, it assists your vision. Common symptoms of myopia like eyestrain and squinting sometimes may make you feel that it can increase your myopia. Eyestrain and squinting can be a cause of high and low power of your lens. So, it is safe to use glasses when you suffer from myopia.

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