They Say A Woman Notices a Man’s Shoes. But, I say Glasses!

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January 29, 2018
Published By Skye Spencer

There are a lot that say you can “tell a man by his shoes”. Some said scuffed shoes, untidy mind. Some said shabby shoes, caring heart - new shoes, cold heart! There are many who believe that women look to the shoes when meeting a man for the first time - to deduce his personality! Some have claimed they can tell a man’s salary, favourite food and whether he loves his mum! There have even been books written about this phenomenon. And of course many think this is rubbish.

For our part, we, at Perfectglasses, concur with the sentiment above. We think many women look at the face first, and especially the eyes. And what would go down better than a face framed by a perfect pair of men’s glasses, setting the eyes off to best effect. Dark square frames for star appeal, or half frames for the serious look. Whatever look you want, Perfectglasses has plenty of designer glasses online to suit men of all ages.

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So if you are looking to impress the woman in your life, whether she be your mother, your wife, your girlfriend, your boss or your neighbour next door - peruse our web pages and choose from literally hundreds of glasses online. If you need prescription glasses, we have plenty to offer, just enter the details for your prescription glasses online and we will make the lens and fit to the frames that you choose. It couldn’t be simpler, and you need never let anyone judge you by your footwear again.